Thursday, 27 March 2008

De Lacy Brown First out

De Lacey brown website
Welcome to the world of Nicholas de Lacy-Brown; New British Artist; one of the most promising, exciting and inspirational names to burst onto the art scene

Video introductions of the candidates

The girls introductory video

The boys introductiry video

Both worth a watch

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The apprentices

Who are they?

  • Raef Bjayou

  • Jenny Celerier

  • Nicholas de Lacy-Brown

  • Sara Dhada

  • Lucinda Ledgerwood

  • Jennifer Maguire

  • Lee McQueen

  • Lindi Mngaza

  • Kevin Shaw

  • Simon Smith

  • Michael Sophocles

  • Helene Speight

  • Ian Stringer

  • Shazia Wahab

  • Alex Wotherspoon

  • Claire Young

Week one the apprentice

The gang of 16 potential apprentices are split into teams for a simple selling exercise.

£600 of fish in a van. Choice of 4 markets in London. One day. Make a profit.

The girls quickly decide to go to Islington after naming their team Alpha. The boys faff about before making the same decision on location.

Selling fish should be easy. They're given a book of pictures to ID the fish, a wholesale pricelist and they manage to price really wrongly.